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My passion is to create a nurturing space for my clients, that empowers their vision, their hopes and their dreams. This is what I call 'Harmonizing'. Whether it's a new home in the early stages of design, an existing home or office being renovated, the process I use will help you to achieve optimum balance and beauty.

This is an intimate process that requires openness and trust from all involved. When I work with a client we engage in an ongoing communication process that is highly intuitive and revealing as exciting design possibilities flow forth. Expanding my experience as an Interior Designer, I integrate the principles of feng shui, color psychology, texture, forms from indigenous traditions, and other harmonizing principles to awaken the heart of the environment.

Together we will discover and co-create a functional environment that not only pleases and sustains you, but celebrates your very being.

I will be happy to consult with you to discuss your ideas for any upcoming projects. My design portfolio provide a launch pad of many options that we can explore.

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