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How are you different from other interior designers?

I am an intuitive interior designer in the sense that I not only listen closely to my clients, I also listen to the space we are working with. That might sound strange, but every space, new or old, has the potential for optimum balance and harmony. Indigenous people know this, and feng shui masters have practiced this for centuries in the East. Creating sacred space is a new trend in this country that is not going to go away. I bring all my knowledge of creating sacred, harmonized space coupled with my sensitivity and intuition to a project. The result is a happy client living in a supportive, nurturing and healthy space.

What is the range of your design services?

It really depends on the project. I have worked with clients to harmonize and balance a single room adding only one or two design elements to laying out a comprehensive design plan for a total house or office renovation. And I love to work with new construction early on.

What about your fees?

I can always work within your budget. This is where we can get really creative. I'm not the "throw everything out and start over" kind of interior designer. Often I can offer effective harmonizing options using placement strategies that get immediate results. I love immediate results! On bigger projects a large range of design options will be driven by your budget.

For building professionals who have clients interested in your kind of services, when is the best time to consult with you?

Sooner is always better. This is a personal and important process and it takes time to unfold. Your clients will want to see my work and understand my approach. They are looking at me and frankly I am also deciding if we have a fit. My goal is to have clients that are happy well beyond their expectations!

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